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5000+ Professional Text Effects for Photoshop
Hello! All my text effects are now available for free!

Thanks to the thousands of people who supported my work over the last 14 years!
– John Forsythe

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Have you ever wanted to create amazing text in Photoshop?

Now you can! With this powerful collection of Photoshop text effects, you'll be creating incredible text in seconds... even if you've never drawn a thing in your life!

metal text effects

It's true. I've created thousands of text effects that you can download right now. Imagine transforming your text from flat to awesome with a single click.

Instantly create the perfect text for your book covers, posters, signs, business cards, games, apps, websites, t-shirts, and so much more!

one click text effects

You don't need to be an artist to create beautiful text effects like these. Just choose your font and pick a style, it's that easy.

Here's just a few of the hundreds of metal effects you'll get:

rusty metal text effects

Whether you're a Photoshop pro or just getting started, you'll save time and get more done with this incredible collection of text effects.

silver and gold text effects

Stunning silver and gold text are only a click away. From blinged-out metal text to refined, elegant gold lettering, the power to create amazing results is in your hands.

Of course, you get more than just amazing metal effects! With over 5000 effects at your fingertips, there's no limit to what you can do...

anniversary text effects

Create beautiful cards for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and Valentine's Day!

Or design realistic neon signs in any color you can imagine:

neon sign effect

Need authentic-looking comic book effects for your next project? Save the day with effects like these!

photoshop comic effects

Want to create high-quality glass text in a snap? Get started right now with hundreds of transparent glass effects! Here's a few of my favorites:

glass text effects

Halloween party coming up? Need a book cover for your new horror novel? Now you can instantly apply tons of scary text effects!

halloween text effects

Planning the ultimate event? Make the ultimate invitation with inset and letterpress effects!

letterpress photoshop effects

Creating a logo for your sports newsletter? These effects are so easy to use, you'll still have time to watch the game!

sports text effects

Designing a military-themed video game? Now you've got dozens of camouflage effects and textures ready to go!

military text effects

You can even create fuzzy animal letters! These furry effects are great for any project!

furry animal text effects

And that's not all! You also get an incredible selection of beautiful wood, stone, and marble text effects.

realistic photoshop textures

Featuring high-resolution textures created from actual photographs, these realistic Photoshop text effects will help you create exciting images quickly and easily, with an artistic quality you'll be proud to show off!

realistic leather textures

Let your imagination run wild with unique textures like this full set of genuine leather effects in a variety of colors and styles.

Or set the perfect mood with beautiful glowing lights and gemstones.

glowing text effects

You'll love using the whole collection! With over 5000 effects to choose from, you'll never run out of design inspiration again.

Even better, you can customize everything— From the lighting and shadows to the colors and textures, you're in complete control of every setting.

text effects with layer styles

You're not just getting thousands of hand-made effects, you're getting billions of possibilities. Now it's easy to find the perfect look.

Feeling inspired? You can even go beyond text. It only takes a click to apply these effects to any shape or layer in Photoshop. Create amazing shapes, buttons, and borders with ease!

photoshop shape effects

These effects work on Mac and PC with all versions of Photoshop CS and Photoshop CC!

They also work great with Photoshop Elements 11 and newer!

Ready to download? Here's all 17 packages!

Thanks and Enjoy!

- John Forsythe
Ottawa, Canada

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